Our Products and Services

For safer roads


We provide all products necessary for making our road infrastructure safe. These include lane markings, zebra lines, reflectors, parking meters and signs (both on and off street), and other similar services.


We supply various types of road signs both for private and public uses. If you are unsure the specific type of road signs you require, please contact us so that we can help you define the requirements.


One of the most important aspects of road safety is proper design and engineering of roads and traffic flow. We provide design services for Traffic lights , Pedestrian lights , Parking Lots, and generally where proper traffic management is required.


Our supply operations focus on quality products that are delivered on time and under budget. We only supply products from Europe and Australia that meet the stringent safety requirements and the highest standards. From radar systems (including Lidar) to breathalyzers, we can meet your quality and reliability requirements.


Product procurement and project delivery without proper support and training are doomed to fail. That is why we provide free training and proper after-sales services for all of our products and projects.


Our consultancy services to government agencies range from product specification advise to policy formulations that are based on adopted international standards. In addition, provide project based solutions for road safety projects including road beautification projects, traffic flow management and design (or redesign).

Short Police Courses

For Safer Roads

One of the major components of traffic safety is building capacity of the police. At MACTRAFFIC engineering, we strongly believe that building the capacity of the traffic police by providing regular training and transferring knowledge by and from the developed countries is as important as building the infrastructures. MTE tirelessly and seriously work on this important task of building of the capacity of the police as a matter of priority.

It is in such understanding that MTE facilitated a training that involved the police from all regions. The national road safety council provided to the federal police the fund to run this special program.

Dr. Ray Shuey (from Australia - SSS) conducted the training that lasted for two weeks on crush investigation at Sendafa Police University. Trainees have been awarded with certificates after a successful completion of the program.

Other Services

For Safer Roads

In addition to the above, Mac Traffic Engineering provides the following additional servies:

  • Public awareness Campaigns
  • Research
  • Driver training

We organizing of donations of traffic safety equipment including

  • Speed Radars
  • Police uniforms
  • Communication radios
  • Free trainings
  • Hospital equipment
  • Signals and sign boards etc.