Mactraffic Engineering

Delivering the Engineering behind road safety in Ethiopia

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Quality Products

Radar and Lidar detectors in operation

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Expert Support

Helping our law enforcement partners through capacity building and training

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Quality Products

We supply quality safety equipments and traffic control systems such as Radars, Lidars, Red light cameras, stationary and mobile traffic lights, breathalyzers (alcohol detectors), mobile & fixed weigh bridges, mid vehicle and truck weighing devices, reflectors, and road marking equipment, thermoplastic paints, preforms and cold paints and more. We provide a minimum of 1-year warranty on most of our products.

Consultancy Service

Mactraffic Engineering has experienced staff both from Ethiopia and Australia that provide expert consultancy services. Ato Abebe Asrat, former Director of the Ethiopian Road Safety Council, Mr. Ray Shuey, General Manager of Australi'as Strategic Safety Solutions, and Ato Befekadu Tolera, formerly the head of the Addis Ababa City Police are core members of our consulting team.


Mactraffic Engineering continues to provide various trainings to the federal and regional traffic police forces and personnel on various topics. Past trainings include proper procedures of radar detector uses, Breathalyzer application procedures, crash investigations, and various train-the-trainer programs. Part of our core principles is that proper training is important for any successful implementation of road safety.

Why Choose Mactraffic

Foremost, because we supply only certified quality products. These products are selected particularly for the Ethiopian market by our international consultants for their quality, warranty, and after-sales support.

Secondly, we always provide free training for all the products we supply and the projects we conduct. This is vitally important for any government body that procures products to achieve a specific policy goal - which usually is the case.

Thirdly, our after-sales support is bolstered by the strong and exclusive relationships we have established with our product suppliers. For specialized trainings and support, we can call on the expert knowledge of our product supplier to provide you with in-depth trainings and support. In short, we provide you with complete end-to-end support so that you can succeed in achieving your policy goals.

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Our Products and Services

For safer Roads


We provide all products necessary for making ou road infrastructure safe. These include lane markings, zebra lines, reflectors, parking meters and signs (both on and off street), and other similar services.


We supply various types of road signs both for private and public uses. If you are unsure the specific type of road signs you require, please contact us so that we can help you define the requirements.


One of the most important aspects of road safety is proper design and engineering of roads and traffic flow. We provide design services for Traffic lights , Pedestrian lights , Parking Lots, and generally where proper traffic management is required.


Our supply operations focus on quality products that are delivered on time and under budget. We only supply products from Europe and Australia that meet the stringent safety requirements and the highest standards. From radar systems (including Lidar) to breathalyzers, we can meet your quality and reliability requirements.


Product procurement and project delivery without proper support and training are doomed to fail. That is why we provide free training and proper after-sales services for all of our products and projects.


Our consultancy services to government agencies range from product specification advise to policy formulations that are based on adopted international standards. In addition, provide project based solutions for road safety projects including road beautification projects, traffic flow management and design (or redesign).


For Safer Roads

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